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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the lower 80s to 90s. as far as temperatures right now, fair field checking in at 59 degrees. san francisco 5 and mountain view 63-degree. here is the forecast for today, coastline at 8:00 this morning clouds and drizzle. not much of a warmup for the beaches. right around the bay clouds. we could have some patchy fog at 8:00 but then temperatures warming back up to right around 90 degrees. we cooled off yesterday and we'll continue to cool off for today. there's the temperature range from 16 pacifica. your extended forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures do cool off slightly as we head into friday and some minor warming by the weekend. we have an update for
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traffic. >> we have a look at some of the things going around the bay. we are looking at northbound interstate 880 here and traffic looks good past the coliseum. it's not causing a basic traffic jam because it's so early in the morning. you should be ware of the workers are there. westbound interstate 80 there's a crash. it's not causing a huge traffic jam, up with it is there. it's also some road work in that area. in morning's community is off to a nice start. traffic is moving well. i just got word of a new accident westbound 80 in albany. this one is 80 westbound at the
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albany exit. in overnight news man is in custody after a police chase through the north bay. the sheriff's office notified police that the suspect, 4-year- old gerald mccarthy was riding a motorcycle, possibly drunk and warmed with a handgun. officers spotted him yesterday afternoon. they chased him onto highway 101. when they cornered him he displayed the gun and threatened to shoot himself. >> swat was called initially because we didn't know what we have. >> he did surrender around 10:30 last night. we're hearing conflicting
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reports as to whether an american who was kidnapped has been rescued or not. he works for a u.s. company that advices area pakistani agencies. earlier this morning a police chief said he was redeuced but now he says he's not been freed. we will stay updated on that story. it's the news apple faithfuls have been dreading. steve jobs announces he is stepping down. >> reporter: his contribution to culture is massive. his product, original. many say the result of steve job's unique vision. >> reporter: there are few store openings that garner sump
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excitement. the announcement that he is stepping down leaves many wondering what will happen to apple in the future. many credits job's vision, leadership and risk taking as the driving force behind apple's bite. >> it's a very emotional time because i think everyone is connected to steve jobs on his impact on computer and devices and software. >> reporter: jobs will stay on as chairman but tim cook will take his place right now. many say cook had been running the show any way since job had health problems. in 2004 he had surgery for pan
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pancreatic problems. we will have more on the impact of jobs departure next month when apple is rumored to release its iphone 5. >> we have posted steve jobs resignation letter on our website. you can find it at under the steve jobs tab. oakland police immediate your help to identify a man shot to death early tuesday morning. he's described as an african- american man between 20 and 30 years old. the first photo shows a tattoo on his forearm that says teresa. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. barry bonds is said to
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return to a federal courtroom 678 last night he made a rare appearance where he watched the giants meet the padres. the threat of a major explosion from the propane fire is over. they allowed the fire to burn itself out this morning. crews reignited it to allow vapors caught in the tank to burn away. firefighters now say the rail car held less propane than previously thought. man toy evacuation order was lifted about midnight. >> just trying to figure things out. >> the fire started on tuesday.
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an air pollution control officer said the burning propane has not had a big impact on air quality in that area. two hours ago a hurricane watch was issued. the watch extends from north of surf city to the virginia border. hurricane irene is near the bahamas packing 115 miles per hour winds. forecasters suggest it could become a category one hurricane. a new system is in place for some of the body scanners at san francisco international airport. tsa officials say it takes less time and could ease some privacy concerns. coming up in tennessee minutes the images of your body, these new scanners show and what else it can detect. the u.s. gs reports a u
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prokerful 4.50 aftershock rattled virginia late last night. mineral is about # 0 miles outside of washington, d.c. engineers have spotted more crack cracks in the monument. organizers now find a new site for the dedication ceremony of the new memorial honoring martin luther king junior. new crash on thest shore freeway. let's check in with sal. >> reporter: it's westbound interstate # 0. 80. a mini van and a bus involved. already had a couple of lanes
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closed there. they moved this crash into the closure because they already had a couple of lanes closed for road work. it's not causing a big delay because people are just driving by. also the morning's commute will be okay coming up to the bane bridge toll plaza. if you are driving in san jose we're off the a nice start. task moves along nicely. it's 43:00. let's go do mark. good morning to you. it's cooler out there. you can see san francisco 58. mostly clear skies and right around fair field. the readings only in the upper
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50s the lower 60s. our temperature warms up as you expect. wii not talking major heat for today. warmest locations back up into the mid to upper # 80s. today will be cooler than yesterday. this weather system is moving in from the knot. it will affect with the fog and marine layer. with that bay skies becoming partly sunny. i land neighborhoods we have sunny skies this morning. here is the updated forecast model. still some leftover packs for san francisco. 7:00 this morning areas of fog. 55 to right around 60-degree. upper 50s to 70s and by 4:00 some warm numbers inland.
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here is a look t the temperature range. san francisco 65. fremont tops out at 80. a touch cooler for your friday. there are reports that the nato and britain are helping libyan rebels look for muammar gadhafi. the rebels are still fighting loyalists at the tripoli airport. there's a two million dollar capture for the bounty of muammar gadhafi. the international criminal court wants him too. >> there's an icc bounty on his head. there's a libyan bounty on his he. it will be up to the libyan
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people to drink him to jesus. crashia agents on the ground are working to locate an secure mustard gas. the concern is that the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorist. the u.s. is behind the push to unfreeze the assets. back in march the u. n. froze the libyan government assets as part of an effort to put pressure on muammar gadhafi to stop attacking the libyan people. a california mother faces murder charges after throwing her baby from a parking garage. now her husband is speaking out an says it's not her fault. the controversial coloring
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back about 9/11. the images critics say are too graphic for children. you can see a line of traffic approaching the albany exit because of a crash. we'll tell you what's going on there, coming up.
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a 7-month-old baby thrown from a parking garage has died and h mother is facing charges. her husband said she suffered from post partum depression and couldn't cope with the baby's condition. she's expected to be arraigned on murder charges today. bart will continue to cut off cell phone services when ever it seems necessary. for example, what bart considers extreme circumstances such as a bomb threat or hostage situation. >> the support or sympathy of the public at this point. >> i can turn that around and
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ask you do you think the public supports the murder of unarmed passengers. >> when you have crowd platforms that's a safety issue. it needs to be addressed. >> protesters promised more demonstration until bart disbands the police force. they say they won't happen but will seek aclu input when drafting the policy. san jose police have ended their brief alliance. the chief credits them with arrested more than 200 dangerous gang members. some community members are happen to see the i. c. e. agents go. they say many law-abiding, undocumented workers were worried they would be deported. >> it was difficult for members of our community to feel like they could call the police without fear of other kinds of
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repercussions. >> there were 14 gang related homicides during the first five months of the year but none in the past two months. five people are hurt after a car crash in san francisco. that happened at 7:30 last night. a red mustang convertible an mini van collided. a man in the van suffered life threatening injuries. a woman an a child from the mini van and the two people from the mustang are expected to be okay. two men tried to rob a car at about 9:15 yesterday morning. police say they teamed to rob the car as it pulled up in front of the bank but a female guard resisted and gun battle
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broke out. the female guard was injured but her condition has not been released. both brothers had warrants in connection with another robbery back in may. a new children's coloring book is causing some controversy. it starts with pictures of binen planning the attack an then ends with the raid. critics say it's too graphic especially the picture of the twin towers on fire and a bullet heading for bi en. the new system is in place. it takes less time and requires few tsa workers. instead of the highly detailed images produced before, the
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scanners show more generic bodies. >> now it's one generic image that highlights anomalies. >> it also detecting organic substances that don't set off alerts. all the scanners should have the new software next year. a decade old case has been involved. what investigators say what happened. a florida couple is sentenced to prison after their pet python strangles their daughter.
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a central florida couple whose pet snipe strangled their daughter is blaming the casey anthony sentence. their attorney believes the jury was harder on the couple because of the anger over casey anthony's acquittal. >> certainly the fact that be our case went the week after after going 31 days without claiming her child was missing deaf netly had an impact on my case. >> prosecutors accused the couple of allows the snake to escape the tank repeatedly. the couple will appeal their conviction. casey anthony has begun serve #-g one year probation for check fraud. it's set to begin in a little more than three hours from now.
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anthony has been in seclusion in ohio after she was found not guilty of killing her 2-year- old daughter. after ten years the janine case is closed. in january harms brother shotted and killed hip and then himself. harms body has never been found. let's check on traffic with sal. what's going on? >> reporter: i think most of the slow traffic is because of the construction zone and not necessarily because of the crash nearby because the crash was already in the construction zone closure. they will be picking up that road work pretty soon and we should have much better traffic through this area. let's move along and take a look. that is light coming into san
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francisco. if you are driving in the -- this is the problem we had there. you can see there a bit of road center action there on that freeway. at 4:54, let's go to mark. >> reporter: good morning to you. you will notice a change compared to yesterday. not as mild. we have more low cloud cover to contend with. current numbers, san francisco 58 degrees. fair field 59 and san jose at last check 6 # degrees. forecast story for today, more fog today. it will be cooler than yesterday. tomorrow we'll stick with that theme. the week we're beginning do warm things up a bit. here is our fog forecast model showing you the overcast right now and even out toward livemo
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livermore reporting tom clouds. still some patchy fog for san francisco. as far as temperatures this afternoon, warmest locations in the upper 80s to 90-degree mark. oakland tops out at 71. san jose tops out at 80 and livemore in the upper 80s. here is a look at the giants forecast. nay are playing the astros tonight. temperatures right around 60 degrees. the week is always in view. temperatures cool off for friday and we warm up by the week. this means the warmest locations inland back up into the upper 80s to 90s. here is a quick check on what is hurricane irene. the hurricane center coming out with an update the next few minutes and we'll have it in the 5:00 hour. there's a lot of speculations that animals can
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predict an earthquake. new information from the zoo in washington, d.c. shows it could be true. ten seconds before tuesday osseters quake the zoos gorillas became agitated and monkeys began to howl. scientists say before people feel the shaking there's a less obvious pressure that arrives first. >> it's entirely possible that the animals can hear that noise. it's outside of our normal hearing range. >> signists say there's no concrete way to predict an earthquake. apple's ceo officially steps down. what's next for the company now that steve jobs is gone? a major paint job on the goalen gate bridge. the reason the work is now being delayed.
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